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Creative Brief/Tagline

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       Let’s cheese up for health & oh-so delicious!


  • Oatly Oat Cheese


  • To increase brand awareness of Oatly Oat Cheese
  • To increase the sales of Oatly Oat Cheese and also other products

Target Audience

  • Both females and males
  • 18 – 55 years old
  • They could be cheese lovers, vegetarians, and lactose-intolerant people
  • People who are looking for a healthier lifestyle, including having plant-based and low-calorie food alternatives, but still have a high standard of taste
  • People who pay attention to the environment and try to make environment-friendly decisions

Where will these ads appear?

First, our ads would appear on online:

  • We would post our promotional ads on social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and X to reach our target audience effectively
  • Provide discount offers to attract audiences’ attention and encourage them to purchase

Second, our ads would also appear on OOH:

  • We would launch ads on billboards and bus stops near the main freeways and grocery stores, such as Target, Ralphs, and Walmart
  • Highlight Oatly oat cheese’s key benefits with appealing images to attract attentions

Why do we need these ads?

First, these ads could help us increase public awareness of Oatly Oat Cheese. Since it is a new product of Oatly, many audiences wouldn’t be familiar with our Oat Cheese. So, it’s significant for us to introduce it with eye-catching taglines and ads to increase public awareness of our new product.

Second, our ads would be one of the most effective ways for Oatly to boost sales of oat cheese and other products. In our ads, we will highlight the benefits of Oatly oat cheese to give the audience more information about our product. Meanwhile, we will provide substantial promotional offers to encourage the audience to try our oat cheese.   

Finally, our ads could help Oatly have an absolute advantage in the competitive market. Many competitors, such as Califia Farms and Planet Oat, are entering the market with outstanding achievements. However, Oatly is the first to introduce the oat-based cheese category among its competitors. So, with our ads, Oatly can differentiate itself from competitors and also stand out in the market.

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