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YouTube OOH Campaign

Designed by Yuxi Tong & Churong Zhang


Last week, Everything Everywhere all at once won the Oscar, which got this movie more attention from the public. And since YouTube is one of the internet companies that have the copyright of Everything Everywhere all at once, we believe it’s a perfect time for YouTube to launch a campaign related to this movie to increase the number of its users.

For our OOH campaign, we created a billboard, bus shelter poster, and bus post. All of these posters use black and red because we think these two colors can effectively show the leading tone of the film, such as mystery, love, and power. And we changed the movie’s name to become the campaign tagline to convey that YouTube is powerful enough to let everyone see anything at any time on YouTube, no matter where they are.


Bus Poster
Inspiration Poster
Bus shelter poster

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Ins: Anin.zzz