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    Since opening our first Wushiland boba tea store in California in 2016, we have been committed to serving more people the best and most authentic taste of Taiwanese milk tea. During these years, we have grown and been blessed with the love and support of so many people. And it’s our people’s support that has allowed us to thrive even in the pandemic era. Now that people’s lives are getting back on track, we know it’s time to spread some excitement and love to everyone’s life!

    This spring, We launched the #Everthing is Better with Me Campaign to convey that no matter what you are experiencing right now, everything can be better with our tasty Wushiland Boba milk tea!

Bus Shelter Post

Bus Shelter Poster

  • For people with friends: Boba milk tea would be an excellent choice for you. It’s the most classic and safest choice so that you would not accidentally choose the flavor that you don’t like and affect the hot chat with your friends. And also, boba milk tea is our Top 1 seller, just like the friends who are with you at the moment, in the first place forever.
  • For those in a bad mood: you can’t go wrong with our grapefruit green tea. We blend the freshest grapefruit with high-quality green tea and shake the bottle by hand to mix the two flavors perfectly. Its refreshing taste can eliminate fatigue and boost the mood quickly.
  • For people who are on a date: Our special flavor tea would be a perfect choice. Have you heard about our plum green tea or ice cream milk tea? Don’t hesitate to bring your date and have a taste of these. It’s important to try new things together in a relationship, and we believe our milk tea would bring more freshness and excitement to your dates.


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